REVIEW: And Then There Were None Grand Theatre

The cast of And Then There Were None
The cast of And Then There Were None
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To modern day audiences, 
Agatha Christie’s writing may seem a bit tame.

And the novel the play was based on was published in 1939 and the complex plot certainly would not work in today’s era. But despite all this, Christie’s work still delivers a great night of entertainment.

In the author’s trademark style, each character is introduced, and we gradually learn the dark secrets which are the reason they have been brought together in a hotel on a remote island. A key element in building up the suspense is the claustrophobia of being trapped somewhere with danger lurking. This is cleverly portrayed by the fact the set never changes, although the time of day is reflected in the closing and opening of doors and the use of lighting.

A cast packed with well known names also ensures this is a quality production.

From Paul Nicholas as the enigmatic judge Sir Lawrence Wargrave, to Mark Curry as nervy Doctor Armstrong and Susan Penhaligon as Emily Brent, each character is perfectly depicted. And if you can catch when the 10 soldier boy models disappear from the mantelpiece, you’re a more observant theatre-goer than me!

Shelagh Parkinson