Review: Al Murray - Opera House, Blackpool

Al Murray
Al Murray
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THERE’S surely not a part of a ticket buying process which asks for your job title?

But the cohort of civil servants (street sweepers), media consultants (Comet salesmen) and community development officers (as yet unexplained) on the front row of Al Murray’s show at the Opera House last night suggested otherwise.

Murray’s dissection of each job title, and the character’s carrying them, underpinned his show’s commentary on current affairs perfectly.

It was refreshing to see a comedian able to poke fun in Blackpool but not at Blackpool.

The pub landlord was on stage at the Opera House as part of his The Only Way Is Epic tour – here to educate on important matters, plus how to retain a stiff upper-lip about Pippa Middleton.

Helped along the way by brothers Callum and Ashley, Patrick the banker, and the very patient Annie, Murray guided a near-full audience through the economic crisis and how the Euro currency works.

His advice on how to save the world by being honest with your children might run on a little long but the majority of the audience lapped it up, and you can’t really argue with his reasoning either way.

A quick-fire political history lesson demonstrates Murray is much more than a beer swilling lout – he has an MA in Modern History from Oxford, no less.

This show is a welcome return to the intelligent humour which saw him rise to fame and has been sorely missed by critics in recent years.

With thanks to Annie, Murray’s final riddle, one any unhappy camper will relate to, left audiences in no doubt of his comedic, if silly, prowess.