High rise cyclist Michael is at the top of his game

Michael Jordan and his assistant Tamsyn on TV
Michael Jordan and his assistant Tamsyn on TV
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Call me a coward but I wouldn’t fancy spending my evenings juggling skittles atop a 10 foot high unicycle.

Take a bow then Michael 
Jordan, a man who risks 
broken bones on a daily basis.

Jordan’s High Jinx show is on at the Pleasure Beach all summer and – much to the lad’s pleasure – is rated Trip Advisor’s top attraction in Blackpool.

It’s a dream called true for a 22-year-old who is back at the place where it all started.

“When I was a kid my grandparents took me to Blackpool every year and the reason I got into magic was watching the Mystique show at the Pleasure Beach. I was about six at the time but I was blown away by it,” he said.

“My grandad bought me a Paul Daniels magic set for Christmas. Then every year in Blackpool, I’d go to the Tommy Cooper Magic Shop and buy new tricks. It grew from there until I decided I was going to do it as a career.”

Being a magician, though, isn’t exactly easy. First you have to be good. Second you need to graft hard to make a living out of it.

“It’s been such hard work to get to where I am now,” Jordan admitted. “I started off doing gigs and having to sleep in the van we’d travelled in. Then I did holiday parks, staying in caravans, summer seasons at theatres – which is a bit nicer – and now we’re at the Pleasure Beach, which is great.”

Yorkshire-lad Jordan – who has been on Britain’s Got Talent and the Jonathan Ross-hosted Penn and Teller: Fool Us – reckons his show is so popular because it has something for everyone. “There’s singing and dancing – it’s not just about the magic,” he said.

The signature trick is the finale - riding that frighteningly high unicyle. “It goes down well but I almost had a disaster a couple of weeks ago,” confessed Jordan.

“I hadn’t checked the unicycle before the show and when I got on it and went to ride it, it didn’t move. The tyre had gone flat.

“I had to do a sort of controlled fall ... I check the props every day now.”

High Jinx is at the Horseshoe Bar from Wednesday to Sunday throughout summer. Go to www.blackpoolpleasurebeach.com for details.