Harry and Paul return

Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse as the Old Gits
Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse as the Old Gits
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Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse are on the road - in their first live tour as a double act, after 25 years on screen.

The show Harry Enfield And Paul Whitehouse Legends! comes to the Opera House, Blackpool, on Tuesday, recreating the characters such as Loadsamoney, Stavros and the Self-Righteous Brothers.

“It’s the right time to do it - before we die!,” laughs Paul, who has co-starred with Harry in such TV series as Harry and Paul, Harry Enfield’s Television Programme and Harry Enfield and Chums. 

“We acknowledge in the show that we’re not in the first flush of youth,” Harry adds. “We’re both so old that we’re starting to get ailments. So if we don’t do this tour now, we never will. Every year, more of our fans are dying.”

And the duo make a strong pledge to their fans: “The important thing for us is that it’s fun,” Harry said. “I hope fans join in the fun and really enjoy it. We’d like them to leave saying, ‘That was actually very good’.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I think it’ll be great – as long as we know the lines and don’t have a heart attack!”

n Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse Legends!, Opera House, Blackpool, Tuesday. Call (01253) 625252.