Dirty Dusting Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Chrissy Rock, centre, stars in Dirty Dusting
Chrissy Rock, centre, stars in Dirty Dusting
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As this was getting rave reviews around the country I took the opportunity to see for myself.

Three cleaners are threatened with redundancy, and they inadvertently come up with the idea of a sex-chat line to bolster their finances, after all – what could go wrong?

From then on it was risqué humour without being lewd.

A good crowd, predominately female perhaps unsurprisingly, were lapping it up.

Mind you it didn’t leave me or other males in the audience looking too clever; I was squirming lower and lower into my seat as the average male was seen as something of a pathetic creature.

One of the best moments was when the three were discussing what to call their sex-chat line organisation: “Filthy Cleaners Talk Dirty,” was my favourite.

A quality cast added to what is in itself a simple concept of a script.

Chrissy Rock is tailor-made for her role, but it was made funnier by all the performers chipping in.

The more they tried to keep it secret from anyone that knew them the more hilarious the consequences.

The audience was laughing from start to finish and it was clear that although this is a long-running show it’s kept current – a few jokes about Newcastle utd’s poor form and forthcoming election saw to that.

No wonder this comedy is continuing to run – with dates in Australia and New Zealand and Spain. I certainly wouldn’t mind it coming back to Blackpool

Brian J Charlesworth