‘Dad is back at his real home’

Charlie Cairoli Jnr with the statue of his father
Charlie Cairoli Jnr with the statue of his father
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The son of one of Blackpool’s most famous entertainers says he is “chuffed” a statue of his father will be moved to Blackpool Tower.

As reported in The Gazette yesterday, Blackpool Council has announced the statue of legendary clown Charlie Cairoli will be moved to the seaside attraction, where he performed for many years.

It comes after a spate of attacks by vandals on the statue since its unveiling in Stanley Park in April.

But Charlie Jnr says he is pleased with the monument’s new location, in spite of the reason behind the move from the park.

He said: “It’s nice because that’s where it was going originally.

“I’m chuffed that there’s a statue there of my dad because he was at the Tower for 39 years and he loved the place.”

Announcing the move Coun Graham Cain, cabinet member for tourism and leisure at Blackpool Council, said he was “disappointed” that the move was necessary.

The council says an image of the entertainer will be carved into the stone where the statue stood in the park.

The overall cost of both the move and the replacement stone will be around £1,000.

Calls were made to put it on the Prom but it is not durable to stand up to the elements.

Speaking about the vandalism to the statue Mr Cairoli Jnr said: “It’s a sign of the times.

“There could be 10,000 people who come into Stanley Park and love it but there’s 30 or 40 idiots who do that.”

However, displaying the humour his father brought to countless audience members during his career, he added: “The only people who will be upset now are the pigeons because now they don’t have anywhere to land.”

The statue is currently being repaired before it is relocated to the Tower in the next few weeks.

Photographs used in yesterday’s Gazette showing the statue being moved were kindly provided by Blackpool photographer Phill Anderson.