Chrissy says resort is clean ahead of the rest

Chrissy Rock, centre, stars in Dirty Dusting
Chrissy Rock, centre, stars in Dirty Dusting
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Forget ‘brush up your Shakespeare’, it’s more a case of dust off your marigolds as the Dirty Dusting ladies are back in town later this month.

Fronted by TV comedienne Chrissy Rock, the play tells of three cleaning ladies about to be put out to pasture by their office manager.

As they consider their options, the girls chance upon answering a wrong number – and they realise their age and appearance won’t matter if they set up a saucy chat line... So long as they can keep it a secret from the boss.

Now, after two years on the road, the Dirty Dusting girls brush up on the show each time a new tour leg heads out, as well as having modernised elements of the script from its original version to suit today’s audiences.

“It goes from strength to strength,” Scouser Chrissy said. “And I just love doing it.

“We’ve got our own twist on it and give it our own mark.

“We play it a lot to each other and not the audience, so maybe that’s part of why it works.”

And for Chrissy, who spent much of her early career playing Blackpool’s club scene and fondly recalls days gone by, the Sunday, April 26 show at Blackpool’s Grand Theatre will be something of a homecoming.

“I’m like a boomerang, I keep coming back,” she said. “There are all the childhood memories, and it always shocks me when I see pictures from the Victorian days when it was so busy in Blackpool.”

And it’s still one of her 
favourite places – to work and play – paying tribute to the warm welcome visitors receive in the resort.

“I love Blackpool audiences and I still love the place as a holiday destination.

“I go to the Manhattan when I come, and the lovely Scots lady looks after me.

“It feels like home from home, and I think that’s what a lot of places do lack now – but not Blackpool.

“We stay in some really nice places when we’re touring, but they are just a place to rest your head. Blackpool B&Bs really go out of their way to make you feel at home.”

n Dirty Dusting, Grand Theatre, Blackpool, Sunday, April 26. Call (01253) 290190 for tickets costing £21.50.