The start of a bright future on the stage

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The Works - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Were Noel Coward still alive today and lucky enough to catch this show he would probably have thought twice about discouraging Mrs Worthington from putting her daughter (or indeed son) on the stage.

This now twice yearly showcase for the students of Phil Winston’s Blackpool-based Theatreworks has grown from its first tentative in-house footsteps to the Grand’s studio, then on to the Pleasure Beach Paradise Room and more recently this theatre’s main auditorium.

Along the way it has seen students graduate into major musicals, international cabaret, Disney productions and cruise ships across the world.

This year’s graduates should similarly have little difficulty finding work if the standard of professionalism and talent they revealed in this latest showcase is anything to go by.

As ever the show is divided into two effortlessly slick halves – the first revealing just how much the first year youngsters have come on and the second combining the skills of the second and graduate year students. Whilst so many other showcases look no further than Glee or Mamma Mia for their inspiration, The Works takes on Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Stomp and delightful showstopping All Girl Band from the musical My Name Is Alice.

Throw in Saxo Beat and its raunchiest routine in town, an eye watering Can Can, a slice of Burlesque and Fame’s anthemic I Sing The Body Electric and once again it’s a must see show which you’ve now missed but can catch the next edition of in March.

And why no names singled out? Because everyone involved deserves equal praise – from solo dances to ensemble singing, ballet routines to hoedown.