The end of Ella’s reign

Miss Blackpool 2010
Miss Blackpool 2010
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IT will be a bit of a sad day for Miss Blackpool Ella Green, when she hands over her crown and title on Friday to the next winner.

But the 23-year-old says she has had an “amazing time” since she won the glittering final last year at the Imperial Hotel, staged by organisers Angels Elite.

The former Carr Hill High School pupil, who lives in Layton, say she is looking forward to watching Friday’s grand black-tie event at The Norbreck Castle Hotel, in Blackpool.

The beautiful brunette said: “I have really enjoyed being Miss Blackpool.

“I was only thinking the other day about how my year is coming to an end. I will definitely miss it.

“But it has been fantastic, I have met so many interesting, wonderful people.

“I have been able to meet people from all walks of life, who I might not have otherwise met and I have been able to do things and go places I might not have otherwise had chance to.

“I was able to do a photo shoot for the World Snooker Shootout and meet the players, which was brilliant. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if I hadn’t entered Miss Blackpool and I was also able to do a charity skydive to raise money for Cancer Research. That was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

“It’s been really good fun. It’s kept me really busy and meant I didn’t have the luxury of being able to not look my best I suppose - I don’t think I ever get through so many pairs of false eyelashes - but it’s been great.”

One of the things Ella, who came sixth in the 2009 Miss Blackpool competition before she went onto scoop the title, was most impressed with during her time as Miss Blackpool, was the charity work.

She said: “It has been quite humbling. Seeing how many people give their time and work so hard to raise money for charity, to help others.

“Seeing that just really struck me and really impressed me. I did enjoy the charity work, although I felt I didn’t do that much really - not when you see what so many do.

“I also loved getting to wear nice dresses and getting to wear the sparkly sash of course!”

Spending a year as the resort’s top beauty queen also meant a boost in self-esteem for Ella.

She said: “It’s definitely boosted my confidence. I feel more able to stand up for myself now, where was in the past, I probably just would have let someone walk all over me.

“I think winning a competition like this is such a big confidence boost.”

Ella will be on-hand at Friday’s final to talk to the nervous girls waiting to find out the result and offer them any help they need.

She said: “I’ll be going along to talk to the girls, to answer any questions and help them with things like doing their dresses up.

“I can remember that night of the 2010 final really well. It can be quite competitive because that’s human nature, but the atmosphere is really nice.

“People help each other and I made some really good friends through the Miss Blackpool competition.”

And the out-going Miss Blackpool has these words of wisdom for the finalists on Friday.

“It is an absolute cliche, but the best advice is - just be yourself.

“There are no heirs and graces about me and I was just myself in the final.

“I think the competition will allow the girls to show their inner beauty, that’s what really matters.

“Outer beauty is only skin deep and although it’s a cliche, it’s what is inside that counts.

“I’d also urge them to make the most of it. Enjoy every moment and have fun.”

And what will Ella do with her new free-time, now she’s not as busy?

“I do want to do another beauty pageant and am looking to do Miss Fylde Coast next year.

“Again, it’s a cliche, but I intend to spend as much time as I can with family and friends.

“I want to make the most of life and make every moment count. And that really does come from the heart.”

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