The Cribs to play at 53 Degrees

The Cribs
The Cribs
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A GOOD gig for all you skinny-jean wearing young things tonight – The Cribs are at 53 Degrees in Preston.

Set up 10 years ago as - in the words of drummer Ross Jarman - “something to do”, the band never dreamed they’d make it big.

Yet their brand of guitar indie propelled them to fame - they are signed to a major record label (Warner Brothers), have had seven consecutive top 40 hits, and until recently had the great Johnny Marr in the band.

I spoke to Ross on the phone and asked him where he lived, expecting him to say London or New York. “Wakefield,” came the reply.

His two brothers, Gary and Ryan, who make up the rest of the band, have moved to America.

“I don’t mind because we’re on tour together all the time so it’s quite nice to have a break from them, stops us arguing,” he said.

“And besides, I like Wakefield. I grew up here and it’s a really nice place to live”.

Who needs New York eh?

The Cribs are expected to play a ‘best of’ set tonight ahead of the release - on Monday - of Payola, a collection of all the singles they’ve released since starting out in 2003.

“A lot of people still seem to think we’re a new band. If they get this album they will hear what we’re about and it might encourage them to go and buy our back catalogue.”

Old fans will already have their tickets for tonight. But if you’ve not seen this band and want to check them out, I recommend going.

There are tickets available to buy. Pay at the door - £18 admission.