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Beer drinkers enjoy a glass of Elbow's Build A Rocket Boy
Beer drinkers enjoy a glass of Elbow's Build A Rocket Boy
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Remember, remember your ales this NovEmber, as Ember Pub & Dining venue The Castle Gardens in Carleton launches a month-long cask ale festival.

The Castle Gardens is introducing four specially selected new ales including “the fastest ale on Earth,” one created by the Mercury award-winning band Elbow, an eco-friendly brew and one created by a collaboration of seven female brewers.

Last year Ember became the first pub group to make a green hopped ale, which is when fresh ‘green’ hops are used for brewing, rather than using dried hops, which can be stored for up to five years.

Project Green (4.5% ABV), takes just 100 hours to get from the field to a glass – making it the fastest ale on Earth. Only a small number of brewers use green hops as the process is very technical, and unlike regular ales, the flavours in a green hopped ale cannot be refined at a later stage, so each cask really is one of a kind.

Barry Lumley, manager at the Castle Gardens, comments: “Project Green proved so popular last year we decided to give guests the opportunity to sample the unique taste again. With Project Green only available for a limited time, I’d encourage everyone to come down from November 1 and sample this exclusive ale.”

Also available is Build a Rocket Boys, which was created by the band Elbow. Named after their current album, the band teamed up with brewers Robinsons of Stockport to produce a golden ale (4% ABV) which has a rich rounded body, smooth bitterness, and a subtle tang of malt and fruity aroma.

The third ale is Pure Gold from Purity Brewery – one of the country’s most eco-friendly breweries. The refreshing beer (3.8% ABV), has a fresh and zesty taste with a dry and bitter finish.

The final ale during NovEmber is Venus Black, which has been brewed by a collaboration of seven British and Irish female brewers. The Black IPA (5% ABV) has an intense citrus and pine aroma, which is similar to a classic American IPA.

“At the Castle Gardens we are champions of cask ale and are always keen to show our support for the British cask ale industry,” said Barry. “Our NovEmber Ale Festival gives guests a real cask experience, and with a host of different ales available throughout the month, there is bound to be one out there for everyone.”

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