The Blips take on the Matilda Challenge

The Blips have taken on the Matilda Challenge
The Blips have taken on the Matilda Challenge
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The latest craze to sweep social media is the Matilda Challenge – where people  recreate an iconic scene  in the hit 1996 movie Matilda.

Children’s theatre group, The Blips, based in Bispham, have done their own version. Here are their thoughts:

Ros Myers, from The Blips: “As a big fan of Roald Dahl, I had previously adapted his work for the children to perform, so when this challenge started to appear on social media, I wanted The Blips to get involved. These sorts of internet challenges are a great opportunity for us to teach performance skills relating to filming and camera trickery and it was great to play the clips back to show the Blips how a simple movement and facial expression could create magic!”

Rhiannon Davies-Oldham, 10: “I really enjoyed doing it, the illusions were cool and it was a lot of fun filming and dancing around.”

Taylor Haydon, 13: “It was good fun, and really cool to act it out. I know now that even when there’s only one actor doing an illusion on telly that it also takes other people behind the scenes to help create the magic! It’s great to be part of such a creative drama group.”

Francesca Heap, seven: “I really enjoyed it because it looked like a hat appeared on my head by magic.”

Annabel Egan, seven: “I really enjoyed it because it was like magic... real magic.”

Yasmin Gladwin, 10: “I loved learning about how to create the part of changing magically into different clothes with the click of a finger.”