Suite stuff proves a hit in comedy revival

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California Suite - Thornton Little Theatre

IF you’ve ever fancied being a fly on the wall at a glitzy Los Angeles hotel, your chance has arrived with The Windmill Players revival of Neil Simon’s 1976 comedy with a few modern twists along the way.

Judi Adams and Andy Bentley welcomed visitors into their suitably plush suite as they thrashed out the living arrangements for their daughter – Adams being a suitably hard bitten Hannah Warren, a women of armadillo style armour, although some well played chinks showed signs of a softer underbelly.

The quick fire, sharp tongued exchange between the pair lost a little of its comic timing under the pressure of an American accent.

Marc Adams was perfect in his portrayal as a man who wakes in horror to find an unconscious prostitute in his bed with his wife on her way. His panicked mannerisms created great comedy and a nervous tension so high it was almost unbearable to watch.

Liz Danielewicz was such a sweet natured, menstrual Millie, her willingness to forget the indiscretion in exchange for credit card access didn’t sit quite right – but there were moments of good comedy between the two.

Vera Cummings and David Baxter gave a show stealing performance as Diana and Sidney in town for an Oscar ceremony. The complexity of their marriage of convenience was played out beautifully with her both cruel and clinging, yearning and resentful, Baxter particularly caustic and comforting in a truly bitter-sweet piece.

Some mad-cap tennis themed farce lightened the mood with four couples in an improbable but cheerfully done finale.

An enjoyable slice of rather voyeuristic American Pie which runs until Saturday.

Lisa Ettridge