Strong reasoning from comic Reggie

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Reginald D Hunter - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

REGINALD D Hunter’s brief appearances on shows such as Have I Got News For You have given viewers a brief look into the mind of a man puzzled by almost everything in the world.

At the Grand Theatre, the comedian gave his audience an hour of his reasoning on prejudice, class struggle, relationships and life in general.

Sometimes cerebral and others smutty, Reginald’s routine may have been a surprise to some – especially the liberal use of profanities – but was delivered in his trademark confident and laid-back manner.

Watching him persuade himself of the bizarre reasoning behind some of his observations is the mainstay of the show.

Some of those theories – unprintable in a family newspaper – drew a few perplexed and even disgusted looks from his audience but, he explained, it’s all about comedy. There’s no point going to see a comedian, he says, if you’re going to get offended – it defeats the object of comedy.

His sections on the class system in Britain is a highlight – as he notes how the British have managed to develop a style of racism to offend people of all creeds and colours.

There’s also some genuinely-deep material here, but it’s always backed up with a laugh.

And he’s got some killer one-liners.

His deep American drawl is enough alone to put a smile on your face and his diatribe on The X Factor and celebrity culture was a joy.