Strange blend in drum evening

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Drumchasers, Blackpool Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Don’t get me wrong the standard of the drumming is excellent, the performances are intensely physical and the numbers varied and originally presented.

But they are showcased within a plot which borders on bizarre. A bikini top wearing, light sabre baring woman (we later learn is the Noise Wrangler) leads a tribe of warrior-esque drummers.

They fight a lot within a back stage area and frequently disturb an elderly caretaker – but we have no idea why until the interval when a plummy voiced narrator decides to finally shed some light.

We hear of warring factions as part of a mythical fable called the Noiseland Tale.

But all the rather repetitive dance led fight scenes are interspersed with mind boggling sections where the caretaker cuts through with a hoover.

It is clearly meant to be tongue in cheek – but done so in a way which feels almost like a high school play. There is plenty of humour in wittily arranged noise battles and some glow in the dark haunted drums – but the plot takes away from the drumming which is where the real magic lies.

Pieces with the xylophones were mesmerising and the sections where the drummers performed in sequence created a great spectacle.

Drumchasers had great energy, and at times had the audience clapping along –but it is the strangeness of the plot which stood out more than the music.