Star’s dad headbutted in dog muck row

Hayley Tamaddon
Hayley Tamaddon
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Dancing On Ice finalist Hayley Tamaddon’s dad was headbutted in the street in a row over dog muck.

Father-of-two Nassrollah “Nassi “Tamaddon, 69, was walking Hayley’s pet dog when he was headbutted and flung to the ground.

His attacker was garage company boss Neil McOwen, 53, who admitted assaulting the father of the Coronation Street and Emmerdale star.

McOwen was warned by Blackpool magistrates that he faces jail.

Adrian Hollamby, prosecuting, said: “The victim was walking the dog and saw McOwen get out of a car and take an elderly woman into a house.

“The defendant then came back out into the street and challenged Mr Tamaddon about some dog dirt stating ‘Are you going to pick that up?”

“Mr Tamaddon replied ‘Of course I will, I did not see it. I will pick it up.”

McOwen, of Warren Drive, Cleveleys then swore before headbutting the retired hotel manager in the face.

He then tried to headbutt Mr Tamaddon again but did not make contact.

He then grabbed the victim and flung him to the ground.

Mr Hollamby added: “Mr Tamaddon says he was then kicked but the accused denies doing this.

“The victim said he was very frightened and thought he was going to be badly hurt. A female witness said she felt sick by what she saw and was scared for the aggrieved.”

Company director McOwen was arrested by police and in interview said he had been taking his elderly mother home. He told officers about a grassy area in front of her home which inconsiderate dog owners allowed their animals to foul.

The prosecutor said: “He said Mr Tamaddon gave him a look which made him angry. He said he was under a lot of stress at the time.”

Magistrates heard McOwen had a previous conviction for criminal damage committed when he was trying to collect a debt.

Tony Slater, defending, said: “This case turns on the dreaded issue of dog fouling. Most people have been offended by this problem over the years. My client said the dog fouled and the aggrieved made no attempt to pick it up.

“He did headbutt him and fling him to the ground but he vehemently denies kicking him.”

Mc Owen told magistrates: “I did not know this man’s age until today. I had no idea he was that old. I am ashamed.”

Chairman of the Bench AnneAshton-Rigby told McOwen: “We want reports on you with all options available including custody.”