Stand up and be counted with lessons in laughter

David Ollerton is running a comedy workshop at Palatine Library
David Ollerton is running a comedy workshop at Palatine Library
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Inspired by the success of his grandfather’s comic career, David Ollerton is now hoping to share his own experience with others.

David, who works in comedy under the name Ramsey Remedy - specialising in word play and the ‘risky’, says the trick lies in knowing your audience and capturing an on-stage persona.

Tomorrow sees the first of his stand-up comedy for beginners courses get under way, offering a four-week course introducing some of the key techniques needed.

He aims to ‘provide an introduction to the world of stand-up and its various techniques with the use of relevant improvisations and exercises; how stand-up comedy works and functions and enable you to create your own comedy material’.

He hails the likes of Barry Cryer, Billy Connolly, Kenny Everett and the Little Britain Team, as some of his comedy heroes, for their skills in presenting their acts and working a room - and he hopes to transfer some of that knowledge on to others.

“Barry Cryer always researches his audience and makes the material fit it, he knows how to hold a room and judge a room,” he said.

“He’ll also count his laughs and place them at the right time, you want to aim to make people laugh once every 30 seconds, otherwise they will lose interest.

“Billy Connolly has props all round his stage, and he have labels on them to keep him on track.”

His grandfather entertained the overseas troops in the Second World War, working along the likes of Eric Sykes, who remained a family friend for life.

Keeping an eye on everyday life is another key skill, said David, who’s also a hypnotherapist.

“I often have a notepad and pen with me, every day life is the best situation for comedy.”

The ‘absolute beginners’ course starts tomorrow, running for four weeks at Palatine Library, St Annes Road, starting at 2pm.

There will then be a beginners course with showcase, going to the autumn, including a chance to perform in public at the Queen Street Catholic Club.

Call David on 07761 784121 for more information or to sign up.