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Dave Spikey
Dave Spikey
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Dave Spikey’s visit to Lytham was part of a 22 date tour encompassing venues such as Doncaster, Warrington and all places north.

His skills and strengths of verbal accuracy, fluency and timing never waver as he leads his largely middle-aged-plus audience from Primark to TK Max and back again, via Asda, JJB and the pie-eating Wiganers.

Spikey’s ability to pick on and make humour out of experiences very familiar to his audience is one of his greatest assets and this Word Don’t Come Easy tour, his second, is billed as exploring his fascination with the English language.

Here the show is at its best as he looks at the absurdities of everyday speech - (“Is there a B and Q in Wigan…Wigan? W,I,G,A,N ) -

Newspaper headlines and the nonsensical imagery of song lyrics. Immaculate and significant pauses, twinkly glances, raised eyebrows and drooping shoulders make even newspaper stories a source of hilarity. It is witty, clever and the audience loved it.

Sadly the material seemed to peter out after the interval when a half hour of purely sexual and toilet material, backed up by bad language,replaced the observational comedy.

The capacity audience didn’t find it offensive, but it did highlight where the likeable Spikey needs to develop beyond his largely one-track verbal style if he is to join the big league.