Solid Silver 60s Show - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

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IT WAS probably purely by coincidence that the assembled cast of this latest edition of the rock and roll retro show chose to sing Blackpool FC’s goal scoring anthem Glad All Over as their finale – but it felt right and sounded good.

Before that it had been a night of facts, figures (mostly expanding ones) and unadulterated nostalgia.

Everyone had a tale to tell – the 26th anniversary of this touring show, 48 years since Dave Berry made his Blackpool debut with The Cruisers at the Picador Club, 50 years since Tony Crane and Billy Kinsley of The Merseybeats formed their musical partnership, 43 since former Escorts member Terry Sylvester left the Swinging Blues Jeans to join The Hollies, 54 since Chris Farlowe won the All England Skiffle Championships before turning his attentions to blues and more than 40 since Vanity Fare had their first bad hair day and started their chart career.

If memories are made of hits then there was a lot for the packed audience to recall on this show – even if Farlowe snuck in a watery new song, Berry threw in some more modern rock and Fontana prefers to forget that Groovy Kind of Love was actually a chart topper for his former backing band The Mindbenders.

Most of them have long since stopped taking themselves too seriously and adapted their acts to their age and their fans – with their voices remarkably intact.

The odd jibes at each other add to the fun – with Spain-based Fontana’s recent run-ins with the law (unpaid parking fines and rubbish bin disputes) becoming a running gag, even for the usually straight faced Farlowe.

There was something for everyone – of a certain age. And hopefully still more to come.