Soap is a splash hit show

Soap - Showzam! 2011
Soap - Showzam! 2011
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Soap: The Show - Blackpool Pleasure Beach Globe

If you thought Lady GaGa defined whackiness and that baths were simply for, well, bathing in, then it’s time to book a ticket for this international splash hit show.

One thing’s for sure, you’ll never look at a bath tub or a towel, a shower or a sponge in the same way again.

Having stormed Germany, sold out in London and proved a huge hit at the Edinburgh Fringe, Soap will hopefully now clean up in Blackpool.

Quite what prompted directors Markus Pabst and Maximillian Ramback together with producers Circle of Eleven to take a collection of circus skills such as aerial straps, silks, dance trapeze, contortions and juggling and centre them on a set of static baths is anyone’s guess – but it’s one of those after dinner ideas that once put into action makes you wonder why no-one thought of it before.

Granted this company of young performers are clearly the cream of the crop – Germany’s Eike von Stuckenbrok gains spontaneous gasps of approval for his stunning handbalancing and acrobatic skills, Addis Abeba’s Adem Endris somehow manages to juggle and bounce up to seven balls whilst dressing and undressing and Russia’s Ludmila Nikolaeva foot juggling with towels and tubs is an inspiration to anyone planning on mixing bath time with aerobics.

Each company member has their own skill whilst also joining in the ensemble numbers whilst Canada’s Marie-Andree Lemaire knits the various elements together with some perfectly timed and delivered comedy skills.

It’s a unique fusion which one minute sees a contemporary dance male pas de deux and a near naked Nutcracker scene, the next a carefully aimed water cannon soaking several audience members.

Set to a backdrop of rock and dance there’s also time for some “operatic” interludes, even if it does mean mainly Bobby Darin and Charlie Drake’s’s novelty hit Splish Splash delivered in the style of Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and others by either Lina Navakaite or Patrica Holtzmann.

The company is completed by Claudel Doucet, Joseph Pinzon and Didj Wentworth and the show returns from Thursday to Sunday. Details – (0871) 2229090 or (01253) 478222. To book online visit or