Shining a light into corners of club life

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Bouncers - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

The seedier side of night club culture was put under the spotlight at the Grand Theatre last night.

From blaring music, binge drinking, dancing round hand bags and fights to teary eyed girls, encounters on the dance floor and even toilet etiquette – no grimy stone was left unturned.

In Yer Space produced a slick and snappy production with the four bouncers of the title playing a myriad of roles.

Dave Dawson showed off his versatility by slipping effortlessly into a variety of shoes. From the puffed out chest and testosterone fuelled strut of Bouncer Lucky Eric to the Liverpuddlian reveller Baz and even Yorkshire sounding gossip Queen Maureen, his transition between roles was effortlessly smooth. From his sprawl legged lad swagger, his impressive night club dance routine and his alarmingly intense Bouncer rants, he poured his all into every part. He also managed to stay focused when a noisy group of women in the dress circle laughed through all his monologues.

Wayne Kelsall was surprisingly convincing as 18 year old super flirt Susie, for a middle aged man of generous proportions, painting such a vivid picture of a 19 year old stocking clad sun bed lover was no mean feat. Carl Parker’s Judd was the perfect stereotype of a violence loving bouncer and Michael Wheeler’s Les also provided humour with his eccentric sounding asides.

Although the characters were rather one dimensional, Lucky Eric peppered the script with regular pieces of social commentary on nightclub life. His musings on loss of innocence, promiscuity and infidelity balanced well with the humour of the cringingly all-too-familiar nightclub scenes.