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Troubadour - music on tv
Troubadour - music on tv
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Blackpool duo Troubadour are putting themselves up for auction on e bay.

Having spent a busy few weeks playing at the likes of The Roadhouse in Manchester, Beverley Folk Festival alongside Barbara Dixon and Blackpool’s own Dan Wilde, and the Grand Opera House in York with ex-Seahorses frontman Chris Helme and an orchestra, Andy Bache and Mick Shanagher want to give fans the chance of hiring them for the night.

“We are always on the lookout for the next adventure, so we’ve decided to put a gig up for auction on ebay,” said Andy. “We’ll go and play for the winners in their front room.”’

Mick added: “The winners are welcome to choose a venue other than their front room, but that’s for them to organize... and it’ll have to be within driving distance of Blackpool.”

The ebay gig has been scheduled to take place on Saturday October 8. Bidding opens on Thursday and will close on Sunday July 31.

And the boys will be back in action with Chris Helme later in the year at the Forest of Galtres Festival (near York), playing alongside the Charlatans and the Levellers.

“It’s really exciting,” said Mick. “When we play normally, there’s just the two of us, so to hear our songs with a whole orchestra behind us with harps and strings, is something really special and really different.

Its great to be collaborating with Chris too.

“I remember bunking off school one Thursday afternoon to buy the Seahorses CD as soon as it came out, so it feels like a real accomplishment to be up there on stage with him.”

For further details on these events and more, visit Troubadour’s website at