Ruby is here to tell us how it really is

Ruby Wax
Ruby Wax
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Ruby Wax, that brash and outspoken American face of alternative comedy on British TV in the 1990s, is playing a sell-out gig in Lytham tomorrow.

The comedian turned chat show host should have plenty to talk about for there’s no doubting she’s an interesting character.

As well as rising to the top of her industry, for years dubbed one of the best 
female stand-ups around, she has also battled depression and become a 
campaigner for mental health. She wrote a book about her struggles, called Sane New World, and is now touring a show of the same name, hence her appearance at the Lowther 

Explaining what the show’s all about, in her own inimitable style, Wax said: “We are not equipped for this century, it’s too hard, too fast, and too full of fear. We just don’t have the 

“Our brains can’t take so much information in a world where we’re bombarded by bad news and force-fed information.

“I can just about take in the weather then I’m exhausted. You open a newspaper, everyone’s dead.”

Wax, who recently completed a Masters Degree in cognitive therapy at Oxford University, is on stage at 7.30pm tomorrow and the show lasts for two-and-a-half hours.

To see if you can get your hand on a last-minute ticket, call the box office on 01253 794 221.