REVIEW: The Illegal Eagles - The Grand, Blackpool

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The five people who make up this tribute to the Eagles are fine musicians and fantastic singers. They faultlessly recreate the music of one of the most successful bands of all-time, and the renditions of tunes like Take It Easy, New Kid in Town and Peaceful Easy Feeling are spot on.

Yet I’m not quite sure why people, even the most avid Eagles fans, would want to shell out 20 quid to see them.

This concert was five people doing the songs of another band. Now I’ve no problem with tribute groups or lookalikes but they have to do more than just sing. They need to add some humour, throw in the odd joke – otherwise we may as well stay home and stick a CD of the real band on.

For me (though some members of an enthusiastic audience at the Grand may disagree), that was what was wrong here. The Eagles wannabes introduced each song like this: “This is such and such from the such and such album” – then played the song.

The only bit of conversation in the first half was when the drummer told a story that turned out to be no more than a sales pitch for their new CD.