REVIEW: Sid’s Show - Lowther Pavilion

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SID Sloane is instantly recognisable to anyone with children as one of the key anchors to CBeebies, the popular BBC children’s channel.

But after 11 years as one of the main presenters of the channel, he’s moving on and brought his one-man show for children aged three to seven, to Lytham.

And it was like being transported to one of the BBC sets that he has built his career on.

He arrived on stage with a burst of energy the watching parents could only marvel at, and took the audience on an imaginary trip to help him find his socks and shoes.

With his lovable pet dog Woolly, and help from the watching children, Sid had the audience transfixed as he took them on a journey through jungles and the sea to a faraway planet.

And his best prop? An empty cardboard box that he soon had his young audience members convinced was a racing car, aeroplane, rocket and submarine.

Sid’s enthusiasm, singing, and expressions all hit the mark for his target audience, with youngsters transfixed on his every move.

His boundless energy never waned, despite a small audience at the earlier showing of the day, and his personality ensured the children all joined in his songs and counting routines.

How best to judge the success of a one-man show for children? Three-year-old daughter Elsie knew exactly what her favourite part of the show was - Sid himself.

A priceless 90 minutes of fun for younger children.