REVIEW: Mark Watson - 53 Degrees, Preston

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“I DON’T fit in very well,” says Mark Watson.

And when, in trademark nervy fashion (but in a much less annoying way than Lee Evans), he tells a story about how he once followed a bloke up some stairs and said “can I be your friend?” you understand what he means.

On the upside, it makes Watson very comical as a human being, which, given he’s a stand-up comedian, is handy. He has appeared on all the usual big shows - Mock The Week, Live at the Apollo - and made a special trip to the students union at the University of Central Lancashire to take part in Green Week.

A keen environmentalist, the second half here consisted of a slide show about climate change. Boring stuff, as Watson acknowledged, though he kept the audience’s attention by keeping it light.

In fact the second half of the show was better than the first with Watson, despite a sore throat, really hitting his stride.

Watson knows what he’s talking about when it comes to the environment - he once went on a course with Al Gore.

But such is his constant querying of life, and his habit of speaking his thoughts out loud, he often quarrels with himself. “I had a vegan friend who told me we were the only species that drank cow’s milk. But, thinking about it, we’re the only species that goes to Alton Towers too.”

He almost misses a joke before his signs off but realises in the nick of time. “Thanks very much 53 Degrees. Actually this is a climate change gig so hopefully by the next time I play here it’ll be 37 Degrees. Almost missed that gag - it’s like scoring a goal in stoppage time.”

Good stuff, and an intelligent performer who is a cut above most out there.