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Former Blackpool Gazette reporter Dennis Kilcommons has just had his 21st book published.

Reaper is a near-future thriller, written under the pseudonym Jon Grahame, and published by Myrmidon Books.

“It’s set in a world that has been swept by a killer virus leaving less than one per cent of the population alive,” says Kilcommons, who now lives in Holmfirth in Yorkshire.

His books have included international thrillers and crime novels and he has also written for children.

He has been translated into eight languages and his novel The Dark Apostle won the John Creasey Award from the Crime Writers’ Association.

Whilst working on the Gazette, he met and married his wife, Maria Colaluca, from a well known Blackpool business family. She was daughter of Louis Colaluca, and grand-daughter of Diamond Tony Colaluca.

Kilcommons wrote The Limit, under the pseudonym Peter Lacey, which was a crime novel set in Blackpool.

About his new book, he says: “I had read so much about ‘broken Britain’, Asbo kids, the London riots and the so-called feral gangs who occasionally kill innocent citizens, that I wondered what the situation would be if society collapsed and there was no law and order at all. Which is where my hero Reaper comes in and dispenses instant justice.”

Reaper is the first book in a trilogy and follows survivors who go back to the land and attempt to start again.

“Reaper is an ordinary bloke who finds himself in an extraordinary situation.

“How would you react, when the only law is the gun?

“This is not a soft-centred view of the future.

“In Reaper’s world there is little room for breast-beating liberals. It is often kill or be killed.”

The second book, Angel, is due out later this year, and the third, Redemption, next year.

“In recent years, we have had scares with bird and swine flu. So far they have been contained. But scientists warn that a virus pandemic will eventually happen.

“Back in 1918, 50 million people died world wide in the Influenza Pandemic. Who knows what would happen if there was an outbreak of a mutant form of virus today, when it would spread so much quicker because of air travel?”

Reaper by Jon Grahame (Myrmidon Books) is also available as a