Rae gunning for success

Singer/songwriter Rae Morris of Doncaster Rd., Marton, Blackpool.
Singer/songwriter Rae Morris of Doncaster Rd., Marton, Blackpool.
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IT’S been a somewhat eventful summer for young Blackpool singer/songwriter Rae Morris.

For most 18/19-year-olds, the six-week summer holidays involved waiting for A-level results and planning to go off to university.

But for Rae, who lives in Marton, it was a hectic few weeks which included performing at the Reading and Leeds music festivals.

She was invited to perform on the BBC Introducing stage and says she can’t quite believe how things have taken off since she first got into singing around 18 months ago.

Taking a five-minute break before she performs at the Stanley Park art deco cafe tomorrow, at 2.30pm, she said: “It’s been crazy, but really amazing.

“Performing at Leeds and Reading was just brilliant. Especially performing at Reading, because it introduced me to a whole load of new fans down south.

“Performing in front of all those people did make me feel nervous, but in a good way. I think I’d be worried if I didn’t feel nervous at all, because I think it helps you perform better.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got the email from BBC Introducing inviting me to take part.

“It was a complete surprise and I am really grateful to Radio Lancashire who put me forward for it.

“I was able to take all my family with me to Leeds - they loved it. I am very family-oriented, I love spending time with my family.

“My dad and my manager went with me to Reading. All my family are music fans.”

Rae – full name Rachel – says her family are ‘musical’, although – apart from her older brother Will – no other relatives play instruments.

She said: “My dad is an aspiring saxophonist, he practices all the time. But he hasn’t been playing that long.

“All my family like music, mum can sing a bit.

“But I might have got it from my grandad Ray. He used to do the music festivals, in Blackpool and I chose to make my name more like his.”

Although Rae started piano lessons at the tender age of four, she didn’t really think it would ever be a career option.

She said: “I never dreamed this was something I could do. I didn’t even really realise I could sing until about a year ago.

“I met a singer in Blackpool called Karima Francis, who is brilliant, and she encouraged me and told me I could do it.

“I had no idea people would think I am any good.

“I’m always surprised by the reaction I get from people for just doing something which feels natural to me.

“It’s kinda crazy that people relate to my music. But it’s so great to be able to do something I really enjoy.

“I don’t really know how I write songs. When I’ve written songs, it’s been when I’ve been feeling emotional and it just sort of comes out. It’s instinctive.

“It just sort of pours out and I don’t really even remember writing it!”

The next few months are all go for Rae, who has decided to defer going to university to concentrate on her musical career.

“I was going to start university this September, but have decided to focus on my music for now.

“I’ve just signed a publishing deal with Universal, and have been meeting with record labels - so I am hoping to sign a record deal soon.

“I’ve got quite a few gigs coming up and have been going down to London for meetings and so on.

“I’m lucky I have a great manager and my parents are so supportive.

“They help take me to gigs and come with me to things.

“It could have been quite scary doing this at 18, but I’m getting used to it now.”


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