Pub pricing review 
offers some cheer

Blackpool pubs for Weekend - The Castle Pub
Blackpool pubs for Weekend - The Castle Pub
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PUBS and bars embroiled in a constant battle with supermarkets over the rising cost of alcohol are celebrating a victory.

The Government has revealed they will review the “unfair practices” pubs are subjected to, which includes the amount they pay for beer.

Blackpool landlords have previously said they are losing out on customers as supermarkets offer cut-price deals on alcohol, leading to more people staying at home rather to drink before going out.

Gary Lovatt, Lancashire chairman for the Federation of Small Businesses, says the prices implemented by breweries have left landlords unable to secure a decent living.

He said: “We hope the independent adjudicator will have teeth and enable landlords of pubs across Lancashire to operate profitably.

“Far too many establishments have been forced to close down over the last couple of years and we hope this announcement will reverse that trend.”

Speaking to The Gazette on his proposal for a pubs adjudicator, Business Secretary Vince Cable said the idea would help struggling Fylde coast publicans.

He said: “I know that many publicans get a rough deal from the pub companies with regard to beer pricing and rent and this should shift the balance back in their favour.

“On minimum pricing of alcohol in supermarkets, we have committed to look at that, not from a competition point of view particularly but to impact on binge drinking.

“However that too should help alleviate the problems publicans face.”

Wayne Camps, general manager of The Castle, on Central Drive, Blackpool, said: “The supermarkets’ prices have affected everybody and when they lower the cost of alcohol every one wants to stop in and drink.

“Numbers have dropped because of that and the smoking ban hasn’t helped.”