Private messages that challenge the sceptics

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Colin Fry - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

TINY details like a love for garden gnomes, a hatred of canned ham and a piano which never got played made the hairs stand up on your neck as Colin Fry brought his Higher Senses Tour to Blackpool Grand.

The pint-sized performer is strict about what he allows, no mobile phones, no excessive boozing and no walking about in the show, but despite his rules, he is quick to make the audience feel at ease.

A gentle voice and an undoubtedly soothing manner paved the way for what was an emotional two hours for some members of the audience.

Fry is keen no details are given away, and he didn’t press for any extra information, relationships to be revealed or messages explained to the people he approached.

Extremely sensitive issues were broached like suicide, questions about paternity and anger at loss – but they were handled with total care.

The nice part about the performer, despite two big plugs for his essential oil range and autobiography, was that he made offers to see some audience members privately, and without charge, if they didn’t feel they could speak about some issues in public.

He also gave some heart wrenching reassurance to one visibly upset audience member grieving for his dog which prompted a burst of applause.

The level of specific detail revealed, like private moments shared between the audience member and lost loved ones, recent conversations and even the amount of names that were accurate would get the most hardened sceptic scratching their heads.