Pride of place for Thomas

Chsrine Drummond with Thomas Drummond portrait
Chsrine Drummond with Thomas Drummond portrait
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Thomas Drummond’s portrait, displayed in the Fleetwood pub of the same name, has been replaced with the help of a Drummond family member.

Christine Pears, the great, great granddaughter of Thomas Drummond, has provided the image from a family painting of the builder and property owner, which she inherited.

Christine, who emigrated to Western Australia in 1979, said: “When I heard that Wetherspoon’s was going to name a pub in Fleetwood after Thomas Drummond I contacted them to see if I could help with a picture of him. As I was in Australia it wasn’t so easy and there was a technical hitch with the first attempt, but I am delighted to see that the new version of the picture looks lovely.”

The original oil painting, which hangs in Christine’s home in Perth, was commissioned in 1860 for Drummond’s 50th birthday.

Christine, pictured at the pub, said: “When I was a child, my father Norman and his brother Thompson still ran the business started by their great grandfather. The picture used to hang in the back office, I was fascinated by it and my father eventually gave it to me.”

The Thomas Drummond opened in August, 2001 on the site of the former congregational church rooms built by him and bearing his name, Thomas Atkinson Drummond. In the mid 19th century, Drummond built most of the workers’ cottages and the churches in Fleetwood. He died in 1884, aged 73, and is buried in Fleetwood cemetery.