Photographer puts new firm in focus

Debby Godfrey-Brown Oak Tree Studio
Debby Godfrey-Brown Oak Tree Studio
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A Blackpool photographer is hoping to put new talent in focus with the launch of her own business.

Debby Godfrey-Brown has set up The Oak Tree Studio which offers rented studion space and an art gallery to show case new work.

Debby who studied photography and digital design at Blackpool and the Fylde College wanted somewhere that students and photographers could practice and exhibit their work at a reasonable price in Blackpool.

And she is launching the venture with a superhero art showin Novemnber 22 called Geek Chic.

It features work from Blackpool college students as well as professional photographers and artists.

Debby said: “The whole idea is to provide studio space which people can rent by the hour of longer to get their work done.

“Many local photographers and students simply do not have their own space so The Oak Tree Studio can help them get their work done.

“It is a hard enough business to be in without spending all of your profit on just getting the work done. So I have special rates for students and professional photographers can rent the space for just as long as they need to take their photographs.

“The I decided to open the other floor fo the buildiong as a gallery.

“Many up and coming artists struggle to get exhibitions space. Some galleries will not take your work unless you have BA in art.

“The Geek Chic exhibition is very exciting. It is an all media exhibition, we’ve even got some superhero inspired furniture and tehre will be work inspired by such thins as Superman, Dr Who, Sherlock, to give young artists experience of an exhibition.”

Debby said the building on the corner of Lytham Road and Bloomfield Road used to be an off licence and she had too relay floors and take out walls to create suitable studio space for portraot photography.

She has been a portrait photographer fro many years under the business name of The Crafty Squirrel and has worked in creative arts since leaving school in 1988. She has also done visiting lecturer work at Blackpool 6th Form in the graphics department.

Debby got help and advice in launching her studio/gallery business from Blackpool Council’s Get Started programme.

She said: “I have had some good feedback from neighbouring businesses who said astudio is a good change for the area.

“I think this part of Blackpool is starting to see improvements, with the new housing so hopefully we can help.”