Peppa’s a real treat for the little ones

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Peppa Pig - Grand Theatre

THERE’S something immediately loveable about Peppa Pig.

Maybe it’s the fact her televised adventures seem to hark back to a more innocent age or maybe it’s just the fact she affords dads another 15 minutes of dozing time on a Saturday morning.

Either way, plenty of parents had been dragged out of bed by excited little ones to catch the perky porcine’s return trip to the Grand Theatre.

This time, along with pals Zoe Zebra, Pedro Pony and brother George, the puppet version of Peppa was off on a treasure hunt – with a little help from bubbly human buddy Daisy.

Not that the plot is of real importance on these occasions.

It’s really just a framework on to which are pinned numerous upbeat and mildly silly song and dance routines and plenty of good old fashioned audience participation.

The puppets are perfect, the characterisation superb and the set, well, slightly wobbly – not in a bad way, but one which might have reminded mums and dads of the golden years of children’s TV.

The songs are ideal for the target audience, instantly memorable, plenty of actions and chance to shout along.

They’re catchy too, too much so in the case of Bing Bong Bingly Bongly Boo, which gives The Birdy Song and Macarena a run for their money in the ‘song that’ll get on your nerves’ stakes.

But that’s a small matter in the grand scheme, especially when considering a show which is such a treat, from beginning to end, for its young audience.

Peppa Pig, you’re a treasure. Come again soon.