PCW’s Steven Fludder - Talent from all over the UK are going to be on the show

Preston City Wrestling boss Steven Fludder
Preston City Wrestling boss Steven Fludder
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What have I been doing this week?

Well I had lots of plans but all was put on hold due to a friend and wrestler by the name of Kris Travis going public about him battling stomach cancer. Kris has said that he has had part of his stomach removed along with the tumor and now faces sixteen weeks of chemotherapy to hopefully rid his body of cancer cells.

With Kris facing weeks at home with no income or means to support himself the entire UK wrestling scene has rallied together to do their part. I know others have raised money but I personally wanted to do everything I can to help Kris. So at first I made a donation page up on indigo and in a matter of days we are at £3382 raised from kind fans and workers around the world who have donated. I did feel I can do more though so I had a T-Shirt designed and also the DVD/Blu Ray of Kris we already sold we decided to donate all profits to Kris and after announcing this we have had hundreds of orders. Now anybody normal would stop there and be happy after passing £5000 but I decided to also run a show. With the help of Martin Kirby a wrestler and one of Kris’s closest friends we have about fifty wrestlers and twenty staff members at my disposal to do what I do best and sell out a show. Talent from all over the UK are going to be on the show and its not as a favor to me or not because they want to work for PCW but because they want to help Kris. I have put on hold all personal issues I had with certain talent and together we will raise a lot of money for a guy who needs our help.

To order tickets for the show on January 23rd where 100% of the money goes to Kris then go to www.prestoncitywrestling.com and you can also visit the site to order the T-Shirts, DVDs or Blu Rays mentioned. Alternatively there is a small blog about Kris where you can also find the link to the donation page. If you don’t have any money and want to help then please just share the links on social media. Thank you.