PCW’s Steven Fludder - A week of highs and lows

Preston City Wrestling boss Steven Fludder
Preston City Wrestling boss Steven Fludder
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Its been a week of real highs and real lows. The week started off great where I managed to secure one of the most famous tag teams in the history of wrestling for my September 26th show. Impact Wrestling stars Team 3D formerly named The Dudley Boys of WWE and ECW fame are coming to PCW and tickets have flown out. After announcing we have sold hundreds of tickets and its really looking like it will be a full sell out show.

Next the low point. My planning application for the academy was rejected. Now I don’t want to build anything, change anything, paint anything or even drill a hole. But its sent back to me saying I have got question 3 and question 18 wrong. I asked Preston Council what they was as none of my questions have numbers on the website I need to use and I was told they do not see what I have to fill in so are not sure but I should try the website I have filled in my application form on. Not a great service for my £400 paid. All I want to do is change use from industrial to leisure and occupy a unit that has been empty for so long that nobody knows who was there last. You know when you just want to throw something out of frustration, that’s me right now haha.

I am determined to have the PCW Academy opened soon but its not been an easy road to go down and there has been times I have come close to just scrapping the idea. But I am so close now and the last few obstacles wont stop me no matter how stressful its getting. I was planning on going to the gym but all this paperwork has given me a headache so I am going to have a cider instead and rest up before I try again tomorrow.