Part-psychedlic bundles of rustic pop joy

Sam Forrest - Blue room
Sam Forrest - Blue room
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Sam Forrest from Nine Black Alps makes his Blackpool debut with an acoustic show at the Blue Room tonight.

Creating semi-acoustic, part-psychedelic bundles of rustic pop joy inside The Factory Of Unprofessional Sound deep in the heart of the English countryside, Sam has emerged with another wicker basket of wonder – The Edge Of Nowhere.

This latest offering is a gem amongst his ever-growing solo collection.

Known as front man of sludgy din makers, Nine Black Alps, Sam put out his first solo offering, Down The Hillside, in 2008, a year after the Alps released second album Love/Hate and were freed from their Island Records contract.

But the major label split only heightened Sam’s musical output and once Nine Black Alps independently released third album, Locked Out From The Inside, Sam pumped out Paper Crown in 2009 and both Born Again EP and No Imagination in 2010.

In his spare time, he continues to collaborate with fellow singer-songwriter Hayley Hutchinson, as The Sorry Kisses, whose albums include 2008’s Hard Drive, 2009’s Um and Ah and 2011’s Keep Smiling. The pair also set up Desert Mine Music to house their offerings as well as producing the soundtrack to independent film, CrimeFighters.

If that isn’t enough, Sam also became a record producer, working with Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Chris Helme as well as throwing a fourth Nine Black Alps album to tape. Somehow, he’s found time to record The Edge… an album that bursts with dry, vintage acoustics, bending backwards guitars, waltzes of wonder and hushed vocals of eerie lyrics from the darkest woods of England.

Doors 8pm, admission £2.