Nothing sacred

Jerry Sadowitz - Blackpool Grand Theatre
Jerry Sadowitz - Blackpool Grand Theatre
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Jerry Sadowicz - Grand Theatre, Blackpool

Introducing himself as “Scotland’s answer to Frankie Boyle” the veteran controversialist once described as “the world’s most offensive comedian” has certainly lost none of his bite in his largely self inflicted banishment from television and the public eye.

The likes of Boyle’s headline hitting antics and even the unfailing talent of Ricky Gervais to upset one and all just before another television series would not have been thought possible without this Glasgow raised comedian pushing the boundaries of what probably still shouldn’t be said on stage.

The trouble is that Sadowitz, who describes the late Bernard Manning as “the good cop” to his bad, is a master of the art of getting away with it.

His material ranges from bad taste to no taste – nothing is sacred, no one is safe.

Lawyers for the estates of Jimmy Savile and Michael Jackson are probably viewing recordings of his act right now, Michael McIntyre and Frankie Boyle (“my tribute act”) will have crossed him off their Christmas card list some time ago.

“I tell theatres I’m a magician – with patter,” he says.

“If I didn’t I wouldn’t get any bookings at all.”

Ironically he is a magician. That’s how he started. Spicing up a magic act with some humour.

But then again Ken Dodd started out playing sidekick to a dummy and you wouldn’t describe him as “a ventriloquist – with gags”.

The nearest he gets to catchphrases are “when I’m prime minister,” “we’re all going to die” and “there’s no good news”.

But there is and it’s the fact that he’s back on the road again.