Myth of Unity create buzz on the music scene

Myth of Unity - on stage
Myth of Unity - on stage
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Blackpool-based dance band Myth of Unity are being tipped as one of the biggest things to come out of the North West in years.

The trio re-formed in early 2011 and started writing music together in its Blackpool based studio.

A few months later three tracks were released with American based label Lowpass Records.

It created an international buzz and they started to get some support slots with major A list artists such as Labrinth at Lancaster Sugarhouse, Katy B at 53 Degrees and others.

They then upgraded their studio, completed over an album’s worth of material and are set to release a new single, Craziness, soon! with gigs at venues all over the North West very soon.

In the meantime they’ve been creating a stir in Ibiza where members Kelllian, Mr Rebz and DJ Luminati were described as “a match made in heaven – providing the perfect blend of electronic sounds, distinctive female vocals and rap/MC lyrics that are every bit as exciting and professional as Eminem, Jay Z, Dizzy Rascal and other top line rap acts.”

Says DJ Luminati (aka Callum Melville): “Gone are the days of instant signings based on demos. It’s now all about creating your own buzz.

“Only when you get a following and can hedge the bets for the labels will you get your golden ticket. It’s small wonder, given the new paradigm where plagiarism is deemed morally acceptable. Who pays for music these days?

“We are too passionate to wait around for the majors to fund our videos. And besides we have total freedom making them ourselves – it’s an extension of our creativity.”

Given the recent demise of NDubz, they see a gap in the market for what M.O.U. create.

But as Mr Rebz says: “We aren’t here to fill a gap in the market, we are here to make our own gap in the market.”

Although they will definitely appeal to the NDubz fans, they have traces of dubstep and yet are melodic enough to appeal to a and so will appeal to a mass market.

Renowned DJ and producer DJ Fresh said: “It is clear to see the energy and buzz that these guys have on stage stems down to one major factor, and that is friendship.”

The band recently took time out to stay with Matt Zante of (records) in Ibiza to brainstorm some positive ways forward for the band.

“It was a pleasure having them stay over at the villa,” said Matt. “We got to see their new video on the movie screen set up there and it is truly awesome.

“It is very professional and has every chance of helping their new single become a hit.

“ Luminati has worked with us on a remix for one of our singles set to be released 2013.

“Doubtless our remixers will help with M.O.U material too and we aim to join forces with video production and promotion.”

The new video was shot in Blackpool and Northwich and there are some key Blackpool landmarks in there.

It can be seen on Youtube – Myth of Unity – Craziness (

Also check out their website for information about the upcoming venues and date