Versions of harmonious family life

The Versions
The Versions
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They say you should keep things in the family.

And in the case of Blackpool band The Versions, they’re sticking to that more than most.

The six-piece is made up of brothers Robert and Chris Gregson, who is married to lead singer Debs.

Do they have Gallagher-style tantrums between them?

According to the band’s piano player, definitely not.

“It’s not like that at all, so unfortunately there are no stories to tell! We’re a close unit and we all get on really well and love singing in the band together,” said Jane Lloyd, who was made an official member of the band after playing at Chris’s wedding.

“That’s how it all started for me. I played the piano at their wedding, I must have done a good job because they asked me to join straight away.”

The Versions do what the name suggests – they play covers and they’re dab hands at it.

A group of experienced live musicians, they pride themselves on being the band that play the songs you love.

But they do it better than many, combining three-part harmonies and great musicianship to provide – as I’m sure anyone who has seen them will testify – a great night’s entertainment.

They play a set that spans the decades and genres and gig at pubs, clubs and functions to audiences of all ages.

After bigging them up it seems only fair at this point to introduce the band, so here goes... Jane Lloyd, 27 (keyboard/vocalist), Damian Strangwick, 40 (bassist), Debs Gregson, 27 (lead vocalist), Robert Gregson, 20 (drummer), Chris Gregson, 28 (rhythm guitar/vocals) and Chris Peacock, 28 (lead guitar).

They formed in 2009 and have since played gigs all over the place, including plenty of weddings (Teckforton Castle in Cheshire was a rather glamorous recent booking).

“We play everything from Fleetwood Mac to Electric Light Orchestra and Roxy Music,” said Jane.

“We love playing at weddings and make a point of learning any song that the married couple request.”

They also play plenty of pub gigs too and rocked out the Red Lion in Bispham on New Year’s Eve.

“We absolutely love what we do,” added Jane. “Outside the band we get on really well, we’re a good little gang, and we’ll continue to do this for as long as we can.”

To find out more about The Versions head to or contact Damien on 07920427765, or email