Ukulele is the new rock and roll for Paul

Paul Casper as George Formby
Paul Casper as George Formby
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It’s turned out nice again for Paul Casper.

He was discovered at a 1940s event in Sheffield by Showzam! co-ordinator Professor Vanessa Toulmin who invited him to the Blackpool festival to perform his George Formby tribute.

“Like the original George in 1928 who took a wager in his dressing room at the Alhambra Theatre in Barnsley that he would play a ukulele in his act, Barnlsey born Paul has been a guitar wizard in various bands, solo artist and song writer from seven who took on a ‘dare’ to perform in a local pub playing the ukulele acting and performing as Formby,” says Vanessa. “His act grew from there.”

He has been performing in Blackpool cafes and other venues all week – and going down a storm.