The night singer Kelsey-Beth said ‘no’ to Kylie

Kelsey Beth Crossley
Kelsey Beth Crossley
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Not many people would dare snub Kylie Minogue.

But that’s exactly what local girl Kelsey-Beth Crossley did when given the chance to hook up with the Australian superstar.

Millions of viewers saw 21-year-old Kelsey-Beth, from Fleetwood, win through to the next stages of the BBC’s The Voice on Saturday when two judges – Kylie and Ricky Wilson – turned around as she sang Fell In Love With A Boy.

“It was so nerve-wracking,” said Kelsey-Beth, who is launching a singing career after spending five years in ITV soap Emmerdale.

“They didn’t turn around right until the end of the song, so I was standing there singing to the backs of four chairs starting to panic and thinking ‘oh god, someone please turn around, I’m going to look a right fool on national TV!”

Fortunately for Kelsey-Beth, Kylie and Ricky did so in the nick of time. And then came a rather surprising decision – she opted for Ricky, lead singer of Yorkshire band The Kaiser Chiefs.

“I know, it shocked me too,” she laughed. “Before I went on I thought if Kylie turns around, I’ll go with her. She’s had the same sort of career path as me, in a soap from an early age.

“But anyone who saw the show will know what a charmer Ricky is and the way he was raving about me and saying certain things ... I just thought I could get on better with him. I thought with him I’d be able to sit down and have a brew and a chat, whereas with Kylie I’d just sit there starstruck and gawping.

“It was so difficult saying no to Kylie though. It felt like dumping someone.

“Then afterwards I thought, why do you feel so bad? It’s bloody Kylie Minogue, you don’t need to feel guilty. And anyway it will be good to one day say to my grandkids that Kylie turned around for me!”

Kelsey-Beth, who went to Rossall and Bispham High schools and who lives with parents John and Carol in Fleetwood, now progresses to the Battle Round, where she will receive coaching from Ricky before going head-to-head with other acts.