‘Spook’ heads off on an even scarier voyage!

Alastair Cameron who is attempting to busk around Europe with his friend Martyn Green
Alastair Cameron who is attempting to busk around Europe with his friend Martyn Green
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His day job involves spooking thrillseeking tourists at Blackpool Tower’s dungeon...

But later this month Alastair Cameron will take on an altogether different – but perhaps equally scary – challenge, busking his way round Europe for charity.

The 21-year-old, of Melrose Avenue, Layton, is attempting to travel round 10 countries in five months to raise more than £2,000 for Unicef, using nothing more than his guitar, talent and a reliance on the kindness of strangers.

Alastair, a graduate in performing arts and technical theatre, will travel with friend Martyn Green, from Burnley, as they both get set for the trip of a lifetime.

The former Bispham High School student said: “The original idea was to go travelling with Martyn, who was part of the drama course I studied at the University of Cumbria, and take in a few of the sights.

“After a while we thought what better way to do it than busk our way round. We start at Blackpool Tower on January 20, then travel down to London and from there head to Dover where we’ll catch a ferry to France.”

Once across the English Channel, the pair plan to visit Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and Spain, before returning to the UK in May.

Alastair said his family has been hugely supportive of the trip, but admitted some of Martyn’s relatives have raised concerns about the tour as it will be the 27-year-old’s first time abroad.

Alastair added: “Martyn has never travelled outside the UK before so do a tour around all these countries will be an interesting experience to say the least.

“If we raced round we could probably do it in two months, but we want to take our time and really soak up the different cultures.

“We want to visit museums, landmarks and take it all in.”

The duo will sing soft rock music and have written a tour song which they will perform every day.

They have also raised £400 each as a fallback cushion, in case some days they struggle for money.

Alastair said he picked Unicef as the pair’s chosen charity because it would be recognisable throughout the continent.

He added: “We felt Unicef would promote a better response from the public.

“We’re both just really excited now and can’t wait to get going.”

For more information about the trip or to donate to the cause visit www.buskorbust.co.uk

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