REVIEW: The Osmonds, Grand Theatre, Blackpool

The Osmonds
The Osmonds
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You know you’re getting old when one of the first records you ever bought is being performed live in front of you 40 odd years later.

The queues that met us outside suggested that the audience didn’t care an awful lot. All these decades later these not so young men are still selling out shows throughout the world. 
The show on Sunday evening was a nostalgic performance of all the hits and they’re still selling loads of albums. The Blackpool public were lucky to have them on stage, if a somewhat stripped-down version from all those brothers who made up the full Osmonds originally. These days its just Merrill, Jay and not so little Jimmy. The nostalgia didn’t just stop with the music, there were clips on the big screen of the Andy Williams show and how that show put them on the map.
You couldn’t fault their musicianship or professionalism and like all these nostalgic events if the truth be known, what we enjoy most is re-living our youth and what’s wrong with that? So many hits, I began to loose count – One Bad Apple, Crazy Horses, which is my favourite, Love Me For A Reason and so it goes on. This show was a sell-out and everyone enjoyed it. A predominately mid-50’s female audience who were clearly re-living their teenage years with chants of ‘we want the Osmonds’ just like they did in 1975. A short word for the support band who helped to get the audience hyped up, even though they were already very excited. 
However, back to the three Osmond brothers they were without a doubt, ultra professional. They were charming and the singing entailed story-telling which was met with so much sincerity. If I could make just one request fellas, for the females in the audience, please bring Donny with you next time!

Brian J Charlesworth