Review: Ronan Keating - Blackpool Opera House

Ronan Keating
Ronan Keating
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IT was a night full of surprises as Ronan Keating entertained a packed out Opera House in Blackpool.

For starters, who knew so many men would be enthusiastic about singing along to the former boyband member’s ballads?

And equally, who knew these men’s partners would so enthusiastically applaud a formerly married man as he talked about his affair with a younger woman?

Leaving aside the uncomfortable moments, when Ronan seeks solitude from an audience to make up for misdemeanours and marriage break-up, the Irish lothario puts on a slick show.

The man can sing, of that there can be no doubt. And he near gave Otis Redding a run for his money with a gut wrenching sustained note at the end of When You Say Nothing At All.

His ballads were reminiscent of the 1990s Boyzone days, when most of the audience first fell for him.

But they were happiest with Ronan’s pop classics. Lovin’ Each Day, Life Is A Rollercoaster and Fires all have the perfect blend of ingredients to cook up a feast good enough for every audience member, young, old, man or woman, to sing along to.

Enough to bring on piercing screams and even a ‘we are not worthy’ from a full Winter Gardens audience on Wednesday night.

One probably shouldn’t be all that surprised to discover they know the words to the vast majority of his 20 song set - one for every year he’s found fame and fortune from music.

And it’s absolutely no surprise just how good this gig is given how long Ronan’s been in the game.

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