REVIEW: Rainy days and Mondays, The Carpenters, Grand Theatre, Blackpool

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Think of the 70s and the female voices and musicians from the charts that captured our attention with haunting vocal harmony and you will arrive quickly at Karen and Richard Carpenter.

The Carpenters lasted 14 years until Karen’s premature death in 1984.

Only the best survive as pop legends though, and on Sunday at the Grand Theatre we were transported back to the era when music was less complicated easy listening.

There were the smooth melodies and catchy songs that the Carpenters became renowned for. This show, produced by Bradley Snelling, was originally the brainchild of Phil Aldridge 25 years ago and billed as the Carpenters story.

Claire Furley, whose stunning voice carried the show for two hours, had the depth and range of voice of Karen Carpenter, with Aldridge on piano, accompanied by talented musicians, Richard Pardy on saxophone and flute, Brent Keith on drums and Keith Agaek on guitar.

The first half started with slower melodies, but the second set upped the tempo.

Marjorie Nye