Review: Kaisers never miss a beat

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INDIE anthems provided the perfect soundtrack for a sing-a-long night as the Kaiser Chiefs played out their catalogue of hits.

The songs from the 2005 album Employment were the tunes the crowd had paid their money to see - and they were not disappointed.

From the opening Everyday I Love You Less and Less to the popular I Predict a Riot, Modern Way and Na Na Na Na Naa, the crowd welcomed back their heroes.

Ricky Wilson is the perfect man to sell the band’s short and enthusiastic songs and he was bursting with energy throughout.

Wilson used all of the available space to delight the crowd.

Whether it was climbing halfway up the lighting rig or running around the second tier to perform the songs,.

Other memorable hits Ruby, Angry Mob and Never Miss A Beat all have the same signature Kaiser Chiefs melody and were equally enthusiastic.

Latest single On The Run was played twice to allow for a music video shoot and was politely listened to by the audience as the band try and recreate their mid-2000s hysteria.

But with the selection of hits mentioned above, the band have already proved they have more than enough to please their fans time after time.