Reach out and the Magic of Motown is really there

Andre Lejaune is the lead singer in Magic Of Motown, at Grand Theatre
Andre Lejaune is the lead singer in Magic Of Motown, at Grand Theatre
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“All The Beatles needed to do was turn up – nobody could hear what they were singing above the screaming,” is the claim of Michael Taylor, the producer of top nostalgia stage show Magic Of Motown Reach Out.

While, he says, “America wowed the world with slickly-choreographed concert shows by Motown artists offering the full package,” British acts were making a fashion statement of a black suit and tie.

Perhaps not the most 
endearing way to encourage Blackpool’s audience’s to the show at the Grand Theatre, on Sunday, August 17.

But undoubtedly an American way of thinking.

Headline artist Andre Lejaune explains the difference in approach to performance on each side of the pond.

“It goes back to what we’re taught in stage school,” Andre said.

“The importance of 
establishing a rapport with the audience is lesson number one.

“You’re forever gauging their reaction.

“If what you’re doing isn’t gelling, you switch.

“They’ve paid their money to come and see you, so there must be something in your repertoire that’ll please them.”

1964 was the year Motown crossed the Atlantic to the UK and the Motown revue concert show – featuring the likes of Diana Ross, Smokey Robinson and Martha Reeves. Reach Out honours these and many more Tamla Motown legends.

Classic songs are packed into the two-hour spectacular, with “more number one hits than ever before”,
according to Michael.

And as the artists of the day’s images were carefully controlled, so too is the Reach Out cast drilled to meet the same exacting standards.

Andre added: “And with dozens of costume changes shoe-horned into each show at times there can be just as much going on backstage as there is under the spotlights.”

Although Magic Of Motown is an international touring production, the team has high regards for its British audiences as its first break was a gig at Butlins in Skegness.

“We still rehearse once a week – making sure our moves are on point and harmonies spot on,” said Andre. 
“We’d never want to let an 
audience down.”

That American grounding raises its head once again.

l Magic Of Motown, Grand Theatre, Blackpool, Sunday, Augusy 17, 7.30pm. Call 01253 290190 to book tickets, £25, £23 concessions.