Rat Pack swing back into town

Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular in action
Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular in action
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Don’t tell Wayne Kennedy that Dean Martin was an also ran to Frank Sinatra.

He’s not having it. Outsold Sinatra in 1960, tickets cost more than Sinatra’s in 1967, Martin was the better actor ... and it was only My Way and New York that really cracked it for Old Blue Eyes, whereas Dino kept those hits coming.

Wayne’s founder and producer of the Rat Pack Vegas Spectacular Show – the superlatives being part of the title.

If he sounds a bit partisan it’s because he also takes on the role of the languid crooner in the line up. “He was the real deal, a great singer, a genuinely nice guy.”

Martin was the sleepy looking tall good looking one – Sinatra shorter, edgier, grittier (and he came to Blackpool too, remember). Sammy Davis was the understated talent, vocally superb, comedically magic, the perfect foil, the master of timing. Together they were unbeatable, stylish, and redefined cool when it was hot to sing songs about pizza pies and Volare oh-oh. And as the likes of Buble, Williams and co have shown there’s a timeless magic to their music.

“It’s never gone out of style,” says Wayne, who started as a solo rock ‘n’ roller and now has 26 people working for him. “His voice suits my lower register,” adds Wayne. “And we all play off each other. We have a ball.”

He brings the works to Blackpool Opera House on Saturday May 25, the trio, dancers, full orchestra, two lorry loads. And he’s out to pack the venue.

“We’ve played to bigger and sold out. It holds no fears for us.” He offers free accompanied child prices too in the £17 seats. “Whether you’re eight, 18 or 80 this is the coolest show in town,” he adds.

To book call 0844 856 1111.