Paloma plays the pyjama game on the tour bus

THE VAMP Paloma Faith's glamorous public image is at odds with her tour 'uniform' of dressing gown and flip flops
THE VAMP Paloma Faith's glamorous public image is at odds with her tour 'uniform' of dressing gown and flip flops
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Paloma Faith may be known for her flamboyant stage costumes, but catch her off guard and on the road, and you’re more likely to find her wrapped in a dressing gown and flipflops..

“We’re on a tour bus most of the time, so we all have a lot of different exciting types of pyjama,” she says. “There are a lot of onesies around.

“On one tour, and this one will probably end up the same, you know in the Big Lebowski how the dude is always in his flipflops and dressing gown holding a white Russian cocktail? That is basically me on tour: In my flipflops and dressing gown until two hours before stage, then I go and turn into this glamorous thing.

“The rest of the day I have a pyjama party.”

And that party is coming back to the UK at the end of the month, after a string of dates in the US, with an arena tour already announced for the UK early next year.

But, for Paloma, touring is a break from the hard work of being an artist.

“It’s funny, people always say being on tour must be so gruelling but I think it is the most ungruelling element of my job,” she says.

“It’s basically a luxury to me to get up every morning and have literally nothing to do for an entire day, then do two hours work at the end of the day.

“Two hours to get ready then two hours on stage, that’s four hours’ work a day.

“That’s nothing compared to normal days. Yesterday I woke up, started work at 8am doing personal training, then interviews for the entire day, then went to the studio to record more music and finished at 1.30am – that’s a normal day for me. It’s ridiculous.

“On tour is like going on holiday.”

With theatre and smaller venues lined up in Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield for the autumn tour, and returns to Liverpool and Leeds on her 10-date arena tour in March, Paloma admits a fondness for northern audiences too.

She says: “The further North you go the more rowdy people get.

“I also consider myself to be an honorary northener. Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield, I love it round there as I used to live in Leeds, so have quite an affinity with the people.”

But as her fame grows, the opportunities to get out and about, and explore the tour destinations do reduce – thanks in part to that distinctive image.

She said: “It’s quite difficult for me to go incognito and I find that quite exhausting.

“If I go out and do pictures with everyone in the street all day I’ll be tired by the time I come to perform. I tend to just hide away.”

And the tour uniform doesn’t even help: “Even if I go out in my flipflops and my onesie they do recognise me, believe me I’ve tried it.”

And you know she has.

* Joining Paloma on her autumn tour dates is American singer-songwriter Brett Dennen, making a first return to the UK since 2007.

See Paloma at Liverpool Empire Theatre, November 4 and Manchester’s O2 Apollo on November 5 and 6. Visit for details.