No big back story, just
a natural rock band fit

Darlia, the Lytham band making big waves nationally, featuring Nathan Day, Dave Williams and Jack Behtham
Darlia, the Lytham band making big waves nationally, featuring Nathan Day, Dave Williams and Jack Behtham
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As rock ‘n’ roll stories go, this probably isn’t up there with the best of them.

Nathan Day and Dave Williams didn’t meet each other in rehab or while they were living penniless on the streets.

No, they got chatting while working as after-school cleaners at their school, Lytham St Annes Technology College.

But while there might be sexier beginnings to a career in music out there, I doubt the lads - plus another schoolmate Jack Behtham - will care, for they are on the verge of massive things.

The lads formed rock band Darlia less than a year ago but are currently at the centre of a record label bidding war after causing a real stir with a string of terrific gigs in Manchester.

They are releasing debut single Queen Of Hearts on the label Ignition and it has already been played several times on Radio One by Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens and on XFM

It’s a delicious slice of grunge pop music with a terrific melody that has you singing along within a couple of listens.

In short it is a great piece of work for a 19-year-old lad to come up with, but then again it turns out Nathan - the lead singer and songwriter - has been penning tunes for quite a while.

“My uncle played guitar so I get it from him a bit and every time I visited my grandad, he had a guitar and I picked that up and played it,” explained Nathan.

“I think I got my first guitar when I was eight or nine and I just started writing songs straightaway.

“I’ve got loads now, I’m not sure exactly how many but a lot, and I think that’s probably one reason there is so much interest in us from labels - we’ve got plenty of material.”

How about that start then? “Well it was Jack and I that used to play together, when we were about 12, right at the start of high school,” he added.

“It wasn’t a band, it was just me and him playing. I was writing songs and he was playing drums but it was nothing organised.

“Me and Dave were in similar classes, music tech, that kind of thing, but we never really spoke.

“Then we both had this cleaning job after school and within a few days we’d started talking about music, realised we shared the same taste and passion for it, and thought ‘let’s go for it’.

“We formed the band and it’s just happened from there.”

The lads played their first few gigs in Blackpool at the Blue Room but then branched out to Manchester where they were signed up by a manager.

Next job is to decide which label to go with, though Nathan, probably quite sensibly, doesn’t like to think too hard about that side of things.

“The label interest is good and that is something we are going to pursue. But right now the general thing is to go with the flow,” he said.

“I am really pleased with how it’s going though, buzzing all the time. Hearing our songs get played on Zane Lowe … that is an incredible feeling.

“It has happened so fast but I wouldn’t say it’s taken me by surprise. I don’t mean that to sound pretentious, what I mean is that when something happens so quick you don’t really have time to think about it. You don’t analyse it, you just go with it.”

Queen of Hearts, on the EP Knock Knock (recorded in Wales in the summer), is out on October 28.

In the meantime the lads have embarked on their first UK tour, which includes a date at the Fallow Cafe in Manchester tonight and at 53 Degrees in Preston tomorrow.